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Sliding doors are great for those houses that are short on space. If you live in a neighborhood that consists of amazing environs and spellbinding sceneries, a sliding door that is made from timber frame and glass is just what you need. Using a glass sliding patio door will allow a lot of natural light to enter and illuminate your place. This helps to add a cheery note to your home and also gives the illusion of space in your house. Opening and closing these doors are not a major problem and do not hinder or get in the way of other items. For instance, you may not be able to place a potted plant at the doorway of a conventional door, but the plant will not come in the way of opening or closing a sliding door. Installing a sliding door is quick and easy on the budget too.

Even though the glass of the sliding door is thick, there is a fair chance that it can break. Those seeking to enter your house slyly can easily break open the door, although this can happen with a window too. If you host many parties or events at your home, you may also find the door to be cumbersome to slide open and close. Sliding doors are also on the higher side of the cost scale.

To enhance the safety aspect of sliding patio doors, we suggest you to use tempered glass. Even if a tempered glass faces collision from a heavy object, it breaks into thousands of small fragments but does not fall off.

Types of Sliding Patio Doors Available with Glendale Window Replacement Experts

Sliding patio doors can be of following three styles. You can choose any depending on your preference and the space available on the wall.

    1. Two Panel Sliding Patio Door
      In a two panel sliding patio door there are two panels, one of which is fixed while the other one glides. When not much space is left available on the wall, a two panel sliding patio door can be considered.
    2. Three Panel Sliding Patio Door
      This one has two fixed and one sliding panel in the centre that can glide on either side of the fixed panels. As compared to two panel sliding patio doors, this one lets in more sunlight and allows a wider view of the outside.
    3. Four Panel Sliding Patio Door
      With two fixed and two moving panels, a four panel sliding door allows a wider opening so you can easily shift bigger furniture through the door. This one is a great choice for living rooms with balconies as it helps you merge the two spaces when needed.

At Glendale Window Replacement Experts, we have an extensive range of sliding patio doors. Our experts are adept in installing sliding patio doors and ensure you can glide them freely for years to come. So, there is absolutely nothing you have to worry about.