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French doors are the oldest doors in the world and so exude a classic vibe and timeless appeal. It is a door that swings on a hinge and the most common French door is the one with the double panel. You can either opt for a single or double door panel, depending on your preferences and the size of your house. These doors amp up the style and functionality of your home and can withstand heavy storms and winds. They are good on the energy efficiency frontier and since you can open both the doors at the same time, it makes for easy access as it is great for home parties and towing luggage in and out of your home is easier.

Even the most classic and eternal looking French door comes with its own share of drawbacks as well. You might have already guessed that they tend to take up a huge amount of space since they open both ways. French doors give out a regal and majestic feel which is why they are a more on the expensive side of things. It is also important to check and see if a French door suits the look and blends in with your house aesthetics as there is a chance that it may not suit the décor and interiors of your house.

At Glendale Window Replacement Experts, we have an eclectic collection of contemporary and classic French doors by premium manufacturers. Our experts will guide you in finding a perfect fit for your home and also take care of the installations.